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Ces sujets, exploitables pour la préparation à l'oral d'anglais du concours d'admission aux Ecoles Mines-Ponts, ont un support écrit  (environ 600 mots). Ce sont des extraits de la presse anglo-saxonne.

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Extraits de presse choisis de 2016, 2015, 2014 :

T104 - Apple's FBI battle is just the beginning of a reality check for the tech sector - The Guardian, 21 February 2016
T103 - Genetically modified rice could withstand the ravages of climate change - Newsweek, 13 February 2016
T102 - China's young reporters give up on journalism: 'You can't write what you want'
- The Guardian, 12 February 2016
T101 - The world's poor lose out as aid is diverted to te refugee crisis - The Guardian, 10 January 2016
T100 - Facebook fights back in row over its free internet for India's poor - The Guardian, 9 January 2016
T99 - The sickness at the heart of modern cities is clear. But what's the cure? - The Guardian, 11 December 2015
T98 - Feminism isn't just a fad - and that's why so many anti-feminists are angry - The Guardian, 30 December 2015
T97 - Ownership is overrated: the joys of communal property - The Guardian, 1 December 2015
T96 - Developed countries must do more than reduce emissions - The Guardian, 23 November 2015
T95 - World's largest animal cloning factory can save species - The Guardian, 24 November 2015
T94 - You might not like Republicans calling for a ban on refugees. But it's smart politics - The Washington Post, 17 Nov 2015
T93 - Wind power is not driving the UK towards blackouts - The Guardian, 12 November 2015
T92 - Cereal doesn't cause inequality - The Blog, in The Huffington Post, 29 September 2015
T91 - French mayor rants against kebabs - so critics declare an international kebab festival -
The Independent, 5 November 2015
T90 - UK now has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world - The Independent, 5 November 2015
T89 - Amazon begins a new chapter with opening of first physical bookstore -
The Guardian, 3 November 2015
T88 - You know you're consuming too much - how to stop before it consumes you too - The Guardian, 3 November 2015
T87 - Winter is coming: the new crisis for refugees in Europe -
The Guardian, 2 November, 2015
T86 - No wallet, no worries: Denmark considering cash-free shops - The Guardian, 14 May, 2015
T85 - China makes strides with environmental reform, but has long way to go on labor - The Guardian, 4 May 2015
T84 - EU under pressure over migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean - The Guardian, 15 April 2015

T83 - UK passes law to require plain cigarette packaging in England - Newsweek, 16 March 2015
T82 - The wealth that failed to trickle down: the rich do get richer while poor stay poor - The Independent, 20 February 2015
T81 - Battle to feed the world pits small farmers against big agriculture - The Guardian, 19 February 2015
T80 - A close call on publication of Charlie Hebdo cartoons - The New York Times, 8 January 2015
T79 - The Euro - the most socially destructive political act since WWII - The Huffington Post, 7 January 2015
T78 - Top executives earn the average annual salary in just two days - Newsweek, 6 January 2015
T77 - Germans take to the streets to oppose rise of far-right 'pinstripe Nazi' party - The Guardian, 5 January 2015
T76 - Superman 'ecstasy' pill deaths are result of 'illogical and punitive drugs policy' - The Guardian, 5 January 2015
T75 - How 3D printing is set to shake up manufacturing supply chains - The Guardian, 25 Nov 2014
T74 - A class war is raging in Britain. but only one side is taking punches - The Huffington Post, 9 December 2014
T73 - Astronauts lift our spirits. But can we afford to send humans into space? - The Guardian, 7 December 2014
T72 -
Brazil's Javari valley threatened by Peruvian oil, warn tribes - The Guardian, 28 November 2014
T71 - Child homelessness in U.S. reaches historic high - Newsweek, 18 November 2014
T70 - UK gains £20bn from European migrants - The Guardian, 5 November 2014

Sujets donnés au concours Mines-Ponts 2012 :

2012-01. Where the Women Are: Biology
2012-02. Universities making 'background checks' on applicants
2012-03. Migrants do not affect jobless levels, say researchers
2012-04. Sky News admits hacking emails but says it was 'in the public interest'
2012-05. Rise in nomophobia - the terror of being without a mobile phone
2012-06. Anonymous no more
2012-07. Thousands more teenage girls hospitalised by binge-drinking than boys
2012-08. Public health: tackle this obesity crisis, Mr Cameron
2012-09. In Athens, Austerity’s Ugliness
2012-10. Cameron's Treaty Opt-Out May Prove Problematic
2012-11. Justice, delayed and denied
2012-12. Fracking for gas allowed in UK despite earthquakes
2012-13. Climate change: a moral issue on a par with slavery
2012-14. Don’t shoot